I am weeping over your grave
Pumpkinhead has said it’s ok
Father’s mother’s, mother’s father
All the little ones run for cover
Brother’s sister, sister’s brother
I can’t tell myself one from the other
I have not seen one nor heard of one
(remembrance of the child i once was)
The suffering of children will avenge
The memory of women will not relent shhhhh
(you) please think for me
Miraculous healer broke her seizure
Her mind is morbid in the winter it’s the autumn change hereafter
In the spring of loves’ autism
The suffocating attention, steals loves,
Affection, memory of a thief replaced my belief
You have not called in vain
Through your conflict and your pain
Through your strain and your stress
Through deaths’ sacraments
All is well he ejaculates
And all her will she consummates
And all is well he germinates
Oh hell her will she terminates
His love (her hate)
Her love (his hate)
His lust