[Verse 1]
Yo, check out this tape (is it rock?)
No it isn’t, but I really think you’d dig it if you’d give this shit a listen
It’s my heart and soul (you play your own instruments?)
Well not actually, but we got the sample from...
(yeah well whatever, it’s all crap to me)
I know, but this is different I’m gifted, and it’s some phat shit
(rap is ignorant, stop acting like you’re black kid)
Yo, can I at least pop it in so we can find out?
(I said no! I don’t allow that nigger shit in my house get a job)
Ok I catch your drift this shit is just my passion
(I don’t give a fuck what it is, you put it in, and I’ma smash it)
(I said no that’s why, don’t even ask again
Keep it up and find yourself fucked up just like your black friends)
Yo, it’s doper then most rock shit (yeah right)
At least it’s honest, Ya know you’re right
To like this shit you need some soul, so you ain’t on it
You ain’t heard of Outkast? Then how you lived a rock riff
Cop some Pharoahe Monch tickets and whisper mosh pit
(Yo, you’re still hear? I thought I said to hit the road?)
Yo, fuck you Helen Keler
Do the twist until your hips explode

[Chorus 2x]
My god speaks to hip hop prophets through rock riffs
’till white boys drop beat boxes in mosh pits

[Verse 2]
Yo, check out this piece
This shit is clean (is that so?)
(If it’s on a building it ain’t art)
Well what about the sisteene chapel?
I bet if you tried to give graph just half the chance you’d did it
(Yo, that shit is ignorant, and all it is is vandalism)
(Go to school and get paid to paint, not playin’ all night)
Oh, so if it don’t pay it ain’t art, and if it does it’s all right?
I don’t get it (It’s wrong ’cause you can go to jail you dipshit)
Oh, like they fed Christians to lions, how is this shit different?
(People can’t even read it, how’s it art, I thought so!)
’Cause art ?? lives like Basciot, ask Picasso
(Tell it to the judge when you up in jail dummy)
(Don’t even bother to call me or your mom for bail money)
I ain’t asking you for shit, just 10 minutes to peep some flicks
If that’s too much to ask you ain’t got eyes to see this yet
If you ain’t seen ?? you just missed impressionism
When Dondi flicks rough as Van Gogh the lessons given
(I didn’t ask you to express yourself, give up your cans kid)
Fuck you Helen Keller, I’ll hit the bricks, you hit the canvas