How they pimpin slippin backwards like not it hypnotic and it’s not a game
I got fame in the back and he came with the snake in the closet but not a name
And it might be yours if you like these scores unlike before you got it made
Just pay us homage and promise to bring dollars to the bottomless safe
With a diddy and a video to show my tricks
And a chip on your shoulder when you pose for flicks
But still owe on the throne from the poster splits
I control the mix and you know this shit
Mint foldin holdin his golden gimmick to limit his focus
Hopin this molten image prison was a prison long before he sold it
All this shit’s mine like what’s yours
But what’s more I got it quoted
To the dot o six with more tricks to record so the office door sits open
Endorsment forces in cohorts of sorts was poking
At a subtle promotion to slow the drop in hop hip profits from slopin
Go get it my precious go getter business is cold weather sped up
Whether it upsets me though I figured cold cheddar would know better than bust
I meant dough from the show and a cut from the front
We’ll chat about the rest and invest in the past just as fast as we know it’s successive bumps

Go ahead and get it darlin who’s a star
Anyway any minute gotta prove your heart
Penny saved let me get it it’s the floozy’s part
Gotta work for the turf and the jewels we bought
First time I seen you line front
Shinin like a movie star with a rhyme like a diamond mine and a mind like a ruby heart
You’re who we are
The smarts and the jewelry art
Did the charts mark stars when you fell to the milky way
You’re a dime to duke would I lie to boo
We in it like silken suede
I love it when you get it flip hate it when you don’t misses it’s hypnosis in strippin pole position grinning gold so most of the pros I know won’t wanna miss it

Don’t stop get it get it the world gets so little when you’re rich
Strut switch it up a bit strip stiff upper lip hookin in the public fish
It’s your one to six and the funds you get from your publishin and politics
You can fly to the top if you ride with the don and sign on as the bottom bitch
Pocket stitches poppin out of nitches miss just give me what you love hit me with a dub
You’re the sun and the moon and and the diamonds shinin so pretty in the club
You’re rollin with the king’s king holder of the bling bling
To see that the sluts get out
Till the dough gets back where the quotient at get a told ya slap with a note attached explainin fact
There’s love in the game sweet thang but you can’t put a fold in that
When it rains bring change king plays coach’ll take ya where the coats is at
Obey what we say or the week day grind in the line of the oprah mat
Get paid in sheep’s hay ho if we say so vultures where the cultures at
It’s spin like a ‘lac in a cal de sac
Or just tic tac toe where the o’s get slashed
It’s all about love if it ain’t about love well love with a bogus laugh
The coldest acts only homey but the holding pact coulda told ya that
Keep the change and your name in the street when the seasons and they change cold and fast

It’s a shame what a motherfucker do today with these snakes out here givin loot away
See it’s all in the wrist and the grip of the fall if it’s all a ball shit shoot away
Mang dig it chain thickness
Just jot that blotch on the dotted line
It clangs and fixes itself to riches but listen misses what you got is mine
Apologize if it’s crass just get that cash and bring it back
My hoes hit the scene in tact with the fattest bling where the green is at
See I see to that
Where the grievance pact I seen it just this morning some corny type refused to front us recording rights so we sued em for performing warning