I be water globed gold sole host particle from flash flood
As random routed path as math magnified caves splashed in ash mud
Travel back before your wahs, laughs, graf, grass, and cash was
The dew on day one back to the past before your planets axis even had a sun (Son)
Ran a canyon swam a mountain’s mouth and sprouted out a mustard seed
See to me it’s nothing could just as easily drown you or be what you breathe
Enslaved by plastic I weep and dream of the days when I once was free
The cleanest cumulus polluted and looted to fuel someone’s greed
Leaks your blood, sweat, and tears crystal clear freeze unreluctantly

From Mariana’s trench to mama’s breast through the dead who plundered me
I hum the breeze at high tide seas come and gusts the thunder sings
Under me your lives cry to my sky and plummets drink
Beating heart of the oasis taste it sacred thirsty subtle sweet
Perfect puddles deep sleep for worthy burning learned humble feet
To whisper misery released shudders huddled in sputtered streaks
Rinsed the filth from you heat spilt guilt in ill destructive streets
Conduct your sleep in pure silken ripple linen luster sheets
Or faucet leak rung peaking beat enough to hunt or interrupt your dreams
The father all upon this earth as we know it
The catalyst for Yahweh the drops He made will keep it flowin

I be solid H brother 2 O sole life preserver
Swelled wells expansion on the word thirst quell the flames of Hades
The last and first to burst fizzle crack or ice to ice burgle
crash your worldly crash fast and return back to the state that shaped me
Draggin crosses crossed it skate the Bering straight then frost bit
To coughin water mains exhausted bangin and sang the drains freeze
To cease the faint tinkin leakin change speed to demon shrieking faucet
Autumn answers me by name to grant the sleepless brains peace
Paint trees with gleamin fangs ain’t no thing to rain sleet
Or stave heat or pave streets where your seeds play or make you wait Gene
I make panes creak where reigns cease to streak when cans of paint wheeze
Hands and knees on fourths teeth on thirty-seconds beat angrily
Naw thankfully we ain’t your bling but you can walk this lake with me
To much waiting (weight) peep displacement or thawed the faithless that sank beneath
Fractal of the sacred three but me the block form as matrices
Fate proceeds where track froze predators prey patiently
Gold chips brick and brittle riddle PhD’s that play degrees
But ain’t got and ain’t got to say to me
If only they should teach shiver snakes while they pay for heat
Though they breathe through faith I’m that breath
that they can see that they need that ancient seed

I’m that quenchin vision drenched and risen from the sun’s burst of heat
Deep image that the thirsty seek creepin through this desert
Headed horizon line serviced and blurred beneath these birdies wings
Though the diverted see their pleasure the deserved servants see their measure
Peep me these lessons essence means pressure
Guessers need not flirt and see
I can turn this unworthy earth debris
Or work your levers
Who the Heavens turn through burn you meek debtors worship me
The heat to wet ya peep sweat to leave ya festering
Hot tempered
Checked battlers the catalyst through which the message breathes
Question who el crease swell the reference to heads of steam
Above this mezzanine of schemes deceit hell respects this cream
Not the bull spit cash cause really everything’s acceptions me
Perceptions peak at threece concepted
each a section breathe the lesson drink the lesson
Omnipresent streams of deep perfection
Set in presence effervescence wetted rest in peace
Said in me
Set it free the best reflected energy to the scent the cent degree
Where v in victory is five the second letter I is three
See in perspectives twenty twenty t is crossed respectively
Let the receptive see