When times get rough, you’re my diamond in the now
Lining in the clouds
Smiling with a child
Cry to get it out
The why to stick it out
Through stress in silent sittin bouts
For being patient with this weak man
While his mind is flippin out
Just a million miles between us, venus
Yah made your eyes emblazoned sapphires for me
Like ain’t a half a smile between us
The way your cheeks spring up
Sweet tongue
Hung behind meek doves
Thinking thirst through this drought aloud
The singing clouds I speak of
The mother to your mother
To my sons
Your love is thunder
Sung from Heaven
You’re my sun and water, daughter of redemption
Mentioned always in my silence
My asylum in your iris
Every shade of silk I dream in
Deep secret streams that I confide in
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Spring breeze greet the green leaves
United with this dry wind
Like diving into violets, gliding free, no one’s an island
She’s a diamond tree
Pearl limbs like nag champa
Purr grin like myrrh samba
I thank Yah with words
But burn when they’re not enough
It’s the psalm I’d spit to Christ twice, wife
Your tears are ice swans
My gift to life, light like
Your embrace, the grace of white fawns
Arriving dawn that I’ve awaited life-long, when she yawns
Right palm and arm, the softest song sung
to the farthest heights and nights when he’s gone
Nothing to offer thee right, like my life in this song
A flight to leave, no night of sleep, it seems to frightfully wrong
It feels like life’s a drink of soul
To hold my wife in these arms
To seek the greatest heights to seat you
And decipher these psalms

Just a million miles to dream of
Your kiss is Indian summer swings and sweet plum
To see you sleep like Spanish moss
And hear you breath sun
Dare to compare you to the clear blue and the deeps I speak from
Like kingdom come, prepared for two in moments, life, the roses she hung
Light forms through ballerina fingers
Man, she sings when it’s funny
Strummed like honey harp strings
to the heartbeat of the breeze and just loves me
Fit puzzle piece
Your cheeks are peach trees in Eden sleep in sweet shade
To make the seven seas between us shrink in a blink
Where we can dream of the day
Sea sprayed, Sonoma sunrise eyes, and tiger lily lips
Witness the Tigris spilling over and over, pupil solar eclipse
Big sky iris
Divided by the cutest nose in existence
Violet misted horizons and mystic islands in the distance
Just to sit in silence
With water rippled fingertips to violin
How this mile ain’t an inch to climb
Smiling your winter pines
Pygmalion hips and thighs, and a mind I’d die to hide in
Flip script to it’s just a twisted trip we’re sittin side by side in
Treasure of Poseidon, who can find the finest incense
Kiss the edge of prism light
Like misses life
Thistle less inset
Crimson grinning rose
Timeless, chiseled in stone
Throne silken linen
Just a million instances from home