Why did we go all the way?
What do we do, ohhh, when it rains?

[Hook - Mr. Hudson:]
When the sun dies and the stars fade from view
Our love will remain real and true
Through the distant and cold depths of space
The radio sings our song, it's a love real and true

[Verse 1 - Future:]
Hold on, hold on, hold up Future, what the fuck you doin'?
You can annihilate way more chicks than the chick you screwin'
You on top of your game, homie, man you a star
You got real bitches, they love that nigga that you are
They say you're like Jimi Hendrix, in his early twenties
You in Vegas, you supposed to be with a snow bunny
You a player, huh, you wanna come around and save her
Keep it trill, you lovin' her just as much as your career
You mad ill, I knew you'd be the one to keep it real
And I can't even lie, dog, when I see y'all it gives me chills
And I'm a stand behind y'all because I know the way you live
Aye just do me this favor, give it time, time reveals

[Hook - Miley Cyrus]

[Verse 2 - Miley Cyrus:]
We've been in the same place, for a long, long time
If our hearts go the wrong way, I still know you're mine
Should we even try to fight it?
If our love is trapped in all ways
I know that things been rough
But when you're by my side
It's more than enough, yeah
For us to make it through the test of time

[Hook - Mr. Hudson]

[Verse 3 - Future:]
Standin' in the middle of humility
Can't nobody never love you more than me
Can't nobody never love you more than me
If love is all you need, I'm all you'll ever need
I can never be scared of commitment
I can prevail through life without bein' malicious
I can't hold you for responsible for your mischiefs
I hope you are never huntin' me with vengeance
I'm not predictin' anything, I'm just listenin'
Congratulations, you made it, you coulda missed it
And I'm acceptin' your past but forgiveness
And with all the mistakes I've made, you're still listenin'

[Hook - Mr. Hudson, Miley Cyrus, and Future]

[Bridge - Future:]
Real and true 
And I can fight temptations off
I ain't soft, no I ain't soft
You can't be lettin' the rap shit go to your head
Can't be cancellin' no shows, fuckin' up your bread
Check out these rumors, that ain't nothin' but the devil
That's why we gotta continue to pray together