I'm runnin through a check
I got money on my mind
They will never get it out
Is like a tumor on my brain
Runnin through a check
I was going through some things
And I took off like a plane
Oin giva fuck bout no fame
Runnin through a check
I'm a get a piece about my hands
They wouldn't even understand
It's so hard being the man
I'm runnin through a check
We in popular demand
Gotta stay fly for your fans
And ain't got time for playing

My heart don't even punk unless the trap junk
I was stuck off in the slump put the fore way in the trunk
'Cause the country boy shopping
I'm a flick to the next 2 months
Rap it up in green rap it take it to the comp
Hi, and we were working for forever
And we'll grind for forever
And we gonna shine together
I'm a make sure everything around me shine forever
Um going in on these verses
Um way to clever
To be writing this down
I deserve a crown
This ain't no disrespect but look at me now
Took a hundred pound and put that shit on wax,
Now I got the whole world screaming racks on racks

And when you going through hard times, and you stay on your grind
Can't help but take off flyin, everyday u wake up tryin'

Gotta make your next move your best move, gotta make every play, u can't lose u can't snooze and u gotta pay dues and more dues, and all the fake dudes u gotta learn to see through. (ha) can't see ya (nope) I got amnesia (forgot about'cha) and I ain't grievin I'm a stay fly until I'm leavin (I'm a fly) and if u go before I go (don't forget) there's one thing u need to know