I just downed a whole eighth of codeine
My young nigga have you smelling like some sardines
I just scored some work and I'ma serve every dope fiend
Fixin' up the molly with the Sprite like it's protein

Red lean in a Fanta, you can't taste the caffeine
Customs stamp my passport, I'm on my way to Beijing
Smashin' on a trophy, crashin', I might OD
Checkin' out my moji
I just came from Oslo, Norway, everything was gourmet
A couple million worth in whips when I step out my doorway
I just, I just, I just throwed a bird away in Lenox
Went to Magic, throwed some racks, and nigga I ain't finished
Baby promise me you'll never go trip on what I be sippin'

I was drugged up on so many drugs
I just showed up in this bitch with some Latin Kings and some Bloods
I came through that bitch with 4 Trey and my cuz
We screamin' "ABK" nigga so you know what it was

Fuck the jury, nigga, fuck the DA, nigga, fuck the judge, nigga
Order Mexicanos to push kilos to judge niggas
Fucked a bitch all in the shower, all in the tub, nigga
I'm Pablo, El Chapo to these lil' niggas
I got new scars, I got new cars, I'm a loose cannon
And I'm affiliated with them gangsta niggas like Don Cannon
I just, I just bought my bitch a new Celine
I just told my jeweler, "Go and make me 10 rings"
Yeah I won, I'm pimpin' on some bitches, call me Future Don Juan
I got Murder Squad with me and I brought your broad with me
Know some trigger happy niggas that'll go to war with me
And I'm Lil' Mexico until the Lord come get me