I am a sinner
Who's probably gonna sin again
Lord forgive me
Lord forgive me things I don't understand
But I'm too young to be rushing things
I'm too young to be rushing things
Too young to be rushing things
I said I'm too young to be rushing things (you can run and tell my city I'm on)

Two red cups and I got that drink
Could be purple, it could be pink
Niggas watch face when they see me drive past
Think that its time that I went and got tints
Used to have notes that were covered in ink
Used to wear gloves so i didn't leave prints
G got the D&G court with the minks
Walked in the club like fuck you think?
You niggas ain't colder than me
You niggas just older than me
We could be in a packed rave
And you niggas still couldn't rub shoulders with me
I told her come and see how my mandem ride
She wants a pic but I'm camera shy
Nandos for my valentine (Yeah Bitch I'm Januzaj)
What is this?
What is this? All these dons like to take pictures
Tell them fall back it's just business, can I get an Amen can I get a witness
Can I get a waiter please, get a drink and a table please
Could you keep all your favours please
I got so many songs that ain't released
But they ain't got no award for that (trophies, trophies)
My young G went to court for that (smoking)
Back When I used to go chill with my OG
Used to push bricks and kush by the OZ
So, fuck your team and fuck your life
If you know me then you must know Quanz
If you don't know Quanz then you don't know Mike like
If you know Deeps then you must know Swift
So, if you know me then you must know rhymes
Got some niggas that don't smoke piff
Got some Killers that smoke on the side
I don't judge 'em though, it's all good I still love 'em though
They just hate that I'm uninvolved
Its been a long time coming, but I'm coming home
Niggas come and go
Yeah do it for the Vine baby, do it for the cam
Killing MC's might do it for the bants
Money in a box then I put it in a bag
Heading for the top man I'm coming through the ranks like