Solstice sun it sank beneath the line 
and the commoners were... 
drunken upon the hillside 
or so the story goes. 
I guess she followed along 
so she could... 
watch their games! 
Sink beneath the line little girl. 
Peak above the shrine them commoners were. 
Harvest moon it peaked above the shrine 
and the crawlers emerged multitudious! 
Silly girl she sat upon their doorway 
just poppin a squat! 
That's when she... 
felt the squirms. 
My underpants! 
All I know is that she wanted to be part of the crowd. 
I could've told her she was welcome here, anywhere! 
But instead she combed the outskirts lookin inside 
and then she sat upon a bughill. 
This was when things started to get rough. 
An army-o-de-pinchers climbed their creepy ways 
right inside her 5-0-1 cut-offs 
and her skin took on a hue of a chemical unknown to me thats right! 
They were biting her beneath the line. 
She was a sitting on atop their shrine. 
I wish I could've warned her! 
"She should've worn underpants! 
There's bugs crawling everywhere and shit, 
I can't believe it!"