broken promises let me acknowledge this
trap stories bout some niggas who used to move the packs for me
street dreams tryna get that porsche carrera
i bought birds through that whole bling bling era
you spent yours on just buyin whateva
if you like it i love it, if you did it i done it
but i didnt see it comin cuz the water kept runnin yeah the water kept runnin
now im floodin the town
bitches always wanted me but they lovin me now
i shoot off in the face and hustle up in the house
but the block got hot
i aint quit i just chilled
niggas thought it was over and they all disappeared
they all balled with me, kept em fresh to death
the feds came in town, they left me by myself
(but i just kept it movin)
now i am still shinin, they aint got nothin left
the same ones that hate on me look like they need some help
(But i just keep it movin