I made some money but I wanna make some more
I'm for the best friend, I wonder, you should know
You see the rider, you wonder how fast he go
These real diamonds if you wonderin’ why it glow
Turn up
Aye, we be ballin’ all summer
And we be hustlin' all winter
And you have no idea
What it takes to be a winner
I know you wonder...

[Verse 1: Busta Rhymes]
The way I feel is make these niggas choke
Until this shit is painful and it’s impossible to cope
The only magnifying glass I look through is a scope
Snap back leanin' - lyin' face, dangle from my rope
Get to know the meaning
Me and Future, chopper in my coat, while we both be leanin’
Fuckin’ bitches, sloppy on a boat, While my homies sleepin’
Picking up all of this money like it’s only dough I’m sweepin’
Grippin’ up all of this money like you know we only eatin'
Grabbin' up every bag, fuck the talk, we beastin'
Your memory is really gramp, why waste time competin’?
And I know you thinkin' it’s funny - close your mouth
I'm only here to get this money, the fuck you talkin’ ‘bout?
And never doubt we gettin' this dough ‘til it hurts your head
‘Til my accountants fall asleep while they count the bread

[Verse 2: Rocko]
I'm doing push ups on the money, dealer tags still on ‘em
Watch when he pull up on ‘em, all the ladies push up on him
Doin' curls with the money, bench press two million
Pull up on ‘em, Rolls Royce, thinkin’ like ten million
Never answer my phone, only pick up when that money ring
Sit up on the stairwell, look at that money ring
Tits around the town, workin’ my cow, ankle weight
Ship it in, lots of pounds, I don’t need an anchor, wait
Break it down, stretch it out, punch it up, work it out
I remember pullin’ up, now all I do is pick it up
First we train the money, it come every day
Thank goodness for my hustle, thank God I got my muscle
I'm ‘bout that cream, a bitch’ll never milk me
Fuck being clean, I’d rather be filthy