This is a day I will always remember
It was the 11th of September
When two planes crash inna di world trade center
And it was new year’s day in Ithiopia (rep.)

Verse 1:
Now things will never be the same
Their system of corruption has gone down to shame
I see only poor people are feeling the pain
But please tell me who are they trying to blame?

Blaspheming and calling on Jah name
But all of their efforts will be in vain
Nuff man cyaan tek it and dem going insane
So babylon your system has gone down the drain


Verse 2:
So long have they reigned and caused so many people to suffer
The rich a get rich and the poor a get poorer
For hundreds of years they have been the slave master
While most of the world is facing terrible disaster

We give thanks to JAH JAH for the rising of Rasta
Light of this world and JAH is I and I Father
King Of Kings and the Lord Of Lords you know He is the Master
The Lion Of Judah has come here to conquer


Verse 3:
It seems like a total destruction is the only solution
For all the worlds problems and mankind’s confusion
So every man and woman have to make a contribution
And don’t allow the devil to lead them into confusion

But it’s evil fighting evil leading man into destruction
And they are yet too blind to even see another option
But it has to that way because we need purification
So mankind know yourself in dis ya time of revelation