behold JAH power - well, it’s Uwe Banton alongside the vanguard leader Fitta Warri
behold JAH grace
behold JAH glory - we want them all to behold Emperor Haile Selassie
behold JAH
behold the power and glory of the only King Of Kings


behold JAH, know what JAH want
come on little children join this song weh we a chant (repeat)

this is a cry for peace
not only inna Jamdown, not just in the middle east
let righteousness cover JAH earth
just like the water covers the sea

so JAH seh - blessed are the pure in heart
for they shall see the father
so JAH seh - blessed are the peacemakers
for they shall be called the children of the Most High

Fitta Warri:
we haffi behold JAH
we are the beholder
stronger and bolder
hotter not colder
Rastafari soldier
telling the young and the older
to free up them hearts and them mind and them soul, yah

JAH no want no silver nor gold, yah
want you to be his follower
that we come a holler, yah
JAH one unuh must follow, yah
can’t follow back a lucifer, ’cause him a deceiver
Uwe Banton a sing it with the vanguard leader

’cause nuff a dem still living in the past
on a moment that just won’t last
be positive and stop waisting your time
got to open and free up your mind


Fitta Warri:
hear wah wi tell them, Banton!
mi see seh nuff a dem hard ears and stiff necked
dem wretched, never want behold JAH and get blessed
always disrespecting the prophet dem message
movin’ negative, now dem end up like a shredded cabbage

too late now, how dem a go manage
never teach the youths about Selassie I inna dem college
seh dem must behold the Emperor and gain knowledge with courage
and then dem pay dem homage

instead babylon have them living like some hostage
blindfold them eyesight with them brainwash studies
a teach them ’bout Emperor did dead and buried
but we a go reveal it to them that we are varied

Selassie we a behold, He’s our rock of all ages
in all stages and phases
worthy to get our praises

a JAH JAH we a behold - a dat we told a dat we told
a JAH JAH we a behold - mi tell them inna english, german and creole
a JAH JAH we a behold - the might a the holy trinity, we hail mighty and bold


if you rise up early in the morning
watch the sunrise and hear the birds singing
behold JAH take care of everyone of them
so won’t you stop your doubting and complaining