We love Reggae music every day of our life - life, sweet life
Don’t try to abuse it, neither day nor night - day or night
We love Reggae music that’s our way of life - way of life
I just can’t refuse it, so I pray for more life - life

A universal riddim
A universal sound
Go and tell your people
We’re coming to rock this your town
Whether it be a Roots Steppa
Ska, Rocksteady
Roots-Rock or a Ragga
It a di same Reggae


Coming from Jamaica
Or even Africa
Now we’re playing it in Germany
Switzerland, France and Russia
Whether baldhead or Rasta
Twelve Tribes of Israel
Bobo Ashanti

The youths dem in America
Surinam and Brazil
yes, dem a play di Reggae Music
And a sharpen up dem skill
If you ain’t got no dollar
Can’t pay your light-bill
Just dance to some Reggae
’cause a it have the good vibes still


Reggae is what we live, that’s all we got to give, so live it positive
Ragga - Ragga - Reggae