Cyaan trust none a dem, no
so watch your back, yah mi Idrin

we cyaan trust none a dem, no
we and dem can be no friends, ey
so watch your back, yah mi Idrin
but JAH will conquer dem again (repeat)

in this time of increasing violence
there’s yet another bloodshed in the streets
seems like the gun never remain silent
the devil’s going after mankind and their seeds

they would do anything
to fulfill their deadly wish
bribing and promising
trying to eat up all the small fish


over money and power mankind is waging war
while some can’t fulfill their basic needs
missiles in space aiming for the stars
leaving many babies hungry with nothing to eat

they are so unscrupulous
so what is left to do for us
time is getting dangerous
so my bredren you better stay conscious


remember old time people used to say
show me your company and I’ll tell you who you are
so sometimes it’s better to trod it one away
’cause me and no friendenemy nah go par, no, no

you see, man to man is so unjust
you won’t know who to trust
resistance is a must
day by day it’s getting more serious

so we cyaan trust none a dem