Is a long, long time dem a try tell we seh
mankind is divided into races
but if a race cause all this racism
then there can’t be no winner
it’s a damn disgrace

Race, race - long time they used to tell us about
Race, race - they were trying to separate us into
Race, race - but we don’t need no more
Disgrace, disgrace for the human race

Long time ago they told us about black and white
Instead of them teaching the people to love and unite
Only yesterday you told us about yellow and red
Remember the judgement in this time will be dreader than dread


Long time Rasta tell them the children of JAH have only one father
Who told them to go and change up the human genetical order
Working so hard to build up more walls, wire fence and borders
I come to this conclusion today to divide and rule can’t be the right order


ooh - I want to know
Who gave the instruction to paint a false image of I & I saviour
Destroying true faith through their deeds and their devilish behaviour
while they were the same ones led him like a lamb to the slaughter
that’s why fathers are fighting their own sons and mothers are fighting their own daughters

Double Chorus
For too long they’ve been trying to divide humankind into races and races and races
Now is the time to put a stop to that malicious policy
we want more racial harmony
what we need is - One Love