This is the dawning - listen to the words of uwe banton, you hear wha mi seh?
A new awakening is here - a wha kinda music dat you a listen to pon di mp3 player?
Free yourself from all illusion - a uwe banton? awoahhh.... you better make sure, y’know!
And your mind from all confusion - a pure lie de man dem a tell, you know, rasta
For the sake of the younger generation
Teach the youths the right and proper way - stop tell them lie

Tell the children the truth now
Help them to find the right road
Teach the children the truth now
Won’t someone carry this load (repeat)

This is the time that i and i should realise that the children are our future
They try to catch them right in front of our eyes via their media, tv and computer
You see, they’re tryin’ to devour
Their souls in aim to take their power
But rasta teach them every hour
That them can’t conquer i with them babel tower

It’s not like in the days of old
When the truth was the half that wasn’t told
’cause now things begin to unfold
So we can’t stop right here, we have to be brave and bold

This is the dawning
This is the dawning of a new era (repeat)

Rod of iron:
I gwine go down a media markt down deh so, you know
And, you see, when mi go down there, singer, you know weh me gwine do?
I go and draw the necktie weh di bwoy deh have under him throat, y’know!
Di people dem no full up mi pickney dem a bare computer, man
Mi a tell you, y’know
Ricky, come ya!
Mi seh, come ya, man!
A wah dat you have deh?
A wah? mp3 player?
What kinda song you a listen to?
Uwe banton?
Then ok, then you can continue gwaan
Anytime you listen to uwe banton song you will learn sittn’, you hear wha mi mean? oh!


Ey, ey
I see so many people running from reality
And living in a dream of lies and too much fantasy
At schools they feed the children with book of fiction
That’s why in their lives they are facing so much friction
Trying to find comfort through gameboy and playstation
Is this the future of our so called civilisation?
So stop expose them to your false information
And take it in our hands to give the right education

Rod of iron:
A weh di other one deh? claudette, come here!
You no hear mi a call yuh from morning, which part yuh deh? you lock up inna your room a do
Wha? now, look inna di box weh you see mi have round deh so, you a look in deh now? now, draw
Out it now, you see some cd in deh now? eh-eh! well, look fi uwe banton and tell mi if you find
All right, eh-eh, you find da one ya now, all right. push inna de computer weh you have deh. you
Push inna it? all right now, tek out your mp3 player, weh you have deh, you tek it out? well, drag it
Pon it - and you no need no more than that. you see the other computer now? carry it go down a
The backside garbage go dash weh!