So - so - so many people
So many people
They want to know, they got to know
Won’t someone go and tell them
Won’t someone go and help them
The truth, the truth has to be unfold, unfold

So many people want to know
So many people want to know
So many people want to know
Who is Haile Selassie (repeat)

Now everywhere in this world people are in so much confusion
About the greatest King on earth to rule upon this Iration
’cause Babylon newspaper and the press trying to fool this generation
But if it wasn’t for Rastafari the whole world would be doomed to damnation


Many a times heathen come to test I faith and ask what you’re doing with a black God
I tell them there can be only one JAH, so it would have to be the same trod
And don’t believe everything that they say
With false information and propaganda leading so many astray


Now JAH JAH has sworn in truth and given this promise unto David
Of the fruits of thy body I will surely set one upon thy throne
So Rasta shall forever speak the truth ’cause this is nothing to play with
And if we don’t do as JAH say He will surely rise sticks and stones

Chorus repeat till fade