I see the world spin away beneath me
As if I’m bourne up high into the air
Raised beyond the reach of failure
At last, I am delivered there
Unto my goddess
Unto my protector’s care

There is a voice
That I alone can hear
A siren’s love song
Ethreal and clear
Though there is danger
Her beauty leads me on
She bids me closer
And fearlessly I’m drawn
I’m in her power
She’s claimed my soul
Over my destiny
She has control

Amid the flames of war
I have seen her face
The smoke of battle
Is her embrace
The more I want her
The stronger she becomes
By my own hand
Her will is done

When legions clash
When cannons roar
When Hell unleashes
Its deadly storm
She comes at least to me!

Sweet Victory divine
Tell me you are mine
None is more willing
To fulfill your grand design
Your burning touch
Commands my heart
If you demanded it
I’d tear the world apart

I know that I
Can’t leave your fire
Now that I’ve kissed
the very flames of true desire
Draw me closer
Hold me for all time
Sweet Victory
Be mine!